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Irbid Ring Road – Stage (1) – Part (2)

Construction and completion 4‐lane divided highway , total length 9km , one Interchange, five underpasses. In addition to secondary roads with... View more

Zarqa Ma’en Dam

Construction of rockfill embankment dam with reinforced concrete face slab as Dam protection works, drained layer, high strength rockfill material and... View more

Lajjoun Dam

Construction of rockfill embankment dam with reinforced concrete face slab as Dam protection works, drained layer, high strength rockfill material and... View more

Azraq Camp Waste Water Treatment Plant

Construction of waste water treatment plant which includes: Earthworks from cut and fill works to base course, concrete, electrical, mechanical, and... View more

Disi‐Mudawarra to Amman Water Conveyance System Project

Construction of Steel Conveyance Pipeline for Dabouq Line Construction of steel Conveyance Pipeline Total length 22 km . Pipes diameters 57... View more

Shaidham Dam

Construction of previous embankment with concrete crust dam with their associated structures Draw off Works: Pipelines, Valve Chambers Reinforced concrete Protection... View more

Al – Rukban Interchange

Upgrading of existing diamond interchange into a full cloverleaf interchange , bridge, loops and ramps. In addition to civil works: cut,... View more

A’al Albait University Interchange

Construction of overlay intersection with circle in Zarqa at A'al Albait University, of 4.5km length. In addition to construction of a... View more

Construction of Aqaba Coastal Highway

Four‐lane carriageway, 17 km long, two Lane 5 km, with 12 Bridges and under passes. The length of Bridges ranges from... View more

Tala Bay Resort

Construction, completion and maintenance of Tala Bay Staff Housing Infra‐Structure including roads, flood diversion and protection works View more

Container Port Bypass

Four‐lane carriage way, 3.6 km long, with underpasses and two Bridges. One four lane bridge part of which passes over a... View more

Rama ‐ Al Quds Intersection Highway

Four‐lane carriageway 6 km long Excavation: 95000 m3 Fill: 93000 m3 Asphalt works 300000 m2 View more

Tannur Dam Project

An RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete) dam, with a 4 km road. All of the concrete, mechanical, and electrical works for the... View more

Irbid North Shuna Highway Section 2 Part A

Four‐lane carriage way, 8.0 km long, with two underpasses and ramps. Excavation: 780,000 m3 Fill: 600,000 m3 Reinforced concrete: 4,000 m3... View more

Al Hussein Housing Project Extension

Four Buildings, each 24 flats, total area of buildings 6700 m2, concrete 3500m3, with all internal layouts and external works. View more

Amman Naur Dead Sea Road Section 3

Four‐lane carriageway, 8.0 km long Excavation: 3,000,000 m3 Fill: 450,000 m3 Drainage: 7,000 LM Asphalt works: 375,450 m2 View more

Salt ‐ Arda ‐ Ghor Road Section 1

Four‐lane carriageway, 8.0 km long with two bridges. One of the constructed as a Pre‐stressed concrete, and the other as Box... View more

Cold Crystallization Plant ‐ Site Preparation

Site Preparation Excavation: 190,000 m3 Fill: 400,000 m3 View more

Amman Na’our Dead Sea Road Section 2

Four lane carriage way, 7.0 km highway, with three bridges,one underpass. Excavation: 550000 m3 Fill: 380,000 m3 Reinforced concrete: 17,000 m3 View more

Stage III Expansion Works‐Construction of Dike 20

Height up to 13m, base width up to 110 m. Material quantity 1,622,000 m3 This dam consists of a unique material... View more

Master Plan for Madinat Al – Sharq

Phase 2 Contract 3 – Zone 3 Area Construction, completion and maintenance of new roads including earthworks, bases and pavement, water supply... View more

Industrial Terminal in South Port, Aqaba

Rehabilitation and Extension of the Industrial Terminal in South Port, Aqaba ‐ Site Development, Urbanization And Underground Execution of site development,... View more