Team Members


We at Al Jafar Contracting Company take immense pride in the history that we have in the construction sector, in the current position that we enjoy, and in the plans we have for the future. Our name is attached to some of the most vital infrastructure projects in Jordan, and they will always be a testament to the quality we delivered through our cooperation with the different stakeholders.

Our objective is to always deliver the projects in the highest quality, within the needed time frame, and to ensure that we grow and progress after each project. Such success is built on the relationships we develop with the stakeholders, which are our clients, our partners, our suppliers, and the community in which we are all part of.

The key component to the company’s success is the people that work in this company. We are all a family with different backgrounds and qualifications united by the wealth of experience, the dedication to our work, and the commitment to produce the best we have. Some of them have been with me since 1980, and others joined us to carry on for the next chapter in this company’s story.

Through our team and and our resources, we will continue to develop and face new challenges in this market. We will continue to be trusted with delivering complex infrastructure projects, and to expand into other markets. We will continue to promote our values throughout our company, our people, and into the work we produce.

Engineer Nabil Shami

Founder and Chairman


Engineer Nabil Shami
Chairman and General Manager

Jafar Shami
Deputy Chairman

Engineer Yousef El Haj
Projects Manager and Technical Director

Mr. Ibrahim Obeidat
Financial and Administrative Manager

Mr. Mohammad Awni Karaki
Procurements Manager

Engineer Wafa El Far
Deputy Technical Manager